Oceanus signs dominant French Canadian team for ESEA Advanced.

Fri 23rd Aug 2019 - 6:08am Gaming


Oceanus, an organization that's based out of Canada have signed the up and coming French Canadian team RUNnGUN. This Roster has been battling and grinding for the last couple seasons of ESEA advanced, with minimal roster changes, it seems this is the year these young boys are gonna push forward and breakthrough! It is time for them to rise out of the water and become what they are bound to be... TITANS! This roster has what it takes to go to the next level with the right organization backing them, with the right support their potential is limitless.

The roster consists of; - j0lz a young fragger already making a name for himself playing and competing for top-level FPL, -K0ler made 3rd place at rank s combine lan in las vegas as well respectfully placing 3rd place in WESG Canada regionals. -m3lio Won esea advanced and finished 2nd in WESG finals. as you can see this roster is no joke they have the experience and determination to get it done. -Tenski a new addition as there 5th made several seasons of Esea advanced playoffs and qualified for ECS pinnacle 8. -Mille who set high 2.0 rating at 1.43 week of 19/08/20 to19/08/27 is firing on all cylinders!

The list goes on and on, which we are more than happy to continue... Our TITANS have finished second at LAN ETS, as well as qualifying for pinnacle season 8. Also finished 3rd/4th at world championship Canada. At last they qualified for dreamhack Montreal Canada championship. With this up and coming new roster get ready for the TSUNAMI because they are coming, and wont be stopped.



Shawn Clements-Porter