• koN

    Shawn Clements-Porter

    I'm the co-founder of Oceanus Gaming. I've played competitive on a very high level for teams such as Team Curse, Team Liquid, Absolute Legends and VexX Gaming. Looking forward to this new journey in eSports. You can see my player profile here: More

  • FatalUno

    Alex Cuccovillo

    Alexander "FatalUno" Cuccovillo - Co-Founder of Oceanus Gaming - Born and raised in Canada, Alex has been playing and competing in esports at a very high level throughout his life. He has played under teams such as Curse, Team Liquid, and Vexx Gaming. Has traveled to multiple events around the world for tournaments in the esports world and is dedicated to this passion and hopes to continue it within this organization. ...Read More

  • prowl

    Nick Cuccovillo

    Nick "prowl" Cuccovillo I've been a competitive person my whole life, in both sports and esports. My love for fps gaming came at a young age when I played Goldeneye on the n64, since then my life was changed. I went on to continue to play video games. such as Starcraft 1 and played on high ladder ranking (non-money) in servers of useast hitting 2300+ ladder points I then moved and transitioned to counter-strike 1.5/1.6 yes with the grenades the size of cantaloupes, I performed well and played several years in the #irc channel days of cal-main and invite. looking forward to continuing this passion of esports now and excel players too the best of there ability in-game and out....Read More

  • Kryptonite

    Nadia Sari

    I wasn't always a competitive gamer, but I've always loved gaming nonetheless. I grew up in Indonesia so I didn't get to meet many people that shared the same interest as me. My sisters were the only ones who shared this passion with me and we played the Sims, Zelda and random games on our PlayStation 1 together. I became addicted to league of legends when I tried it out and it's the main game I play now. I've only taken ranked seriously last year which allowed me to climb from silver 3 to diamond 5 as a support main. I love to meet other that love gaming and I can't be happier to be a part of Oceanus Gaming. ...Read More