Oceanus Apex Legends

Oceanus Apex Legends
  • StaTiC

    Blaise Drury

    I'm currently living in Washington, but started my eSports career in Nevada. Since I was 13/14 Ive been heavily into eSports starting out with the Call Of Duty franchise. I've competed in many Locals for CoD (Winning Most) and, competed in UMG Dallas for CoD Advanced Warfare and placed T64 before the age restriction. I never reached the professional level for CoD, so I saw opportunity in Fortnite. I made the switch to PC in May of 2018, and since then have been grinding to make my mark in the Battle Royale franchise. ...Read More

  • Hambino

    Cam Cisco

    I started my competitive gaming career with NBA2K when I was 14, competing in various Leagues and money matches. After playing competitive smash bros. when i was 19, I decided to move on to competitive FPS. After peaking top 500 multiple seasons on OW, as well as winning multiple Lans, I’ve moved to Apex Legends. My favorite game series is Halo, and my favorite anime is Jojos....Read More